Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer...the whole enchilada

Summer: The whole enchilada….

In a few short hours my kids will turn in for bed. Tomorrow they go back to school but right now it is still summer vacation. 
It absolutely FLEW by.  
We welcomed the sunshine with Skyler’s 11th birthday.

(Doritos on the burger...only the cool kids do it)

The first couple of weeks were a mix of late mornings, pool time and Sky’s All Stars team.

And this 4th of July the deep ache within my bones was silenced with a family trip to Ludington. 

I could write pages and pages about this. 
That smell--I already miss it. If you could smell the color green you’d smell Ludington. The perfect beach town nestled on  the shores of Lake Michigan and keeper of my greatest childhood memories. It is the pure essence of summer—the perfect concoction of meadow, firework smoke, ice cream, lake water, wine, starry skies, the buzzing of mosquitos and sun kissed shoulders all wrapped up in a warm summer's night.

(sand tunnels)


A few short days after we returned from our trip we celebrated Adoption Day.  It was in true Vegas fashion.  A quick stop in a Vegas court room where the five of us raised our right hand and promised forever  to one another.  Then we hit the strip to celebrate.

Next, we took a quick trip to visit my sister. Where cousins shared stories in the backseat and more summer memories where made. 

Then back to late mornings, swimming and playing at the park. Rinse. Repeat. 
Now we enjoy one last swim and BBQ dinner on the porch to wring out the last drop of summer and greet summer's end.

And tonight as I crawl into bed and give Jason a smile and let out a sigh it will need no translation.