Friday, August 26, 2011


I did it. I survived my first summer as a mama.
Our last weekend of summer is upon us. It was fun, it was adventurous, it was casual and at times it was a bit much…but now it is winding down. Tonight the kids and I wring out the last bit of summer with dinner in front of the TV topped off with my own concoction of ice cream sandwich-root beer floats followed up with some night swimming.
This is one of my favorite times of the year…the transition from summer to FALL. After a very long, very hot Southwestern summer I am always more than ready to welcome the FALL.
I see it as a time for happy trading…
Less pool time (and a much less littered pool fence) but more evening walks with the pups… Popsicle sticks riddles swapped for homework…laid back mornings exchanged for busy evenings filled with school projects, rushed dinners, practices and game filled weekends.

Yep, I’m ready to trade. 

The electric and somewhat nervous energy that goes hand in hand with the beginning of a new school year is alive and well in our home.
 Josh is a freshman this year.  Big brother is a football player this year and would sleep in his gear if we allowed him.   
Sister soul is a six grader and attending junior high which is BIG TIME people.  She’s rocking new bangs and I know they make her feel fierce.   
And our little guy is repeating the 4th grade.  It was a hard decision to make and I’m apprehensive about the first few weeks back.  But we’ve spent the entire summer closing the gaps in his education and I know this time around he’s gonna kick butt. And, he’s taking math down first.
Moving on…


  1. You are and will continue to be a wonderful parent. I wish you and your family a fantastic new school year! Love ya Tam!


  2. What a beautiful